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hi i'm vivian!

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Fifteen years ago, an unknown virus wreaked havok on a small town in North America. Afraid the disease would spread beyond city limits, the CDC intervened, containing what might have quickly become a pandemic. But those already infected soon died, save one sole survivor, who after recovering appeared significantly healthier than he had prior to his illness. It was this odd side effect that caught the government's interest and under the supervision of the pathologist, who both discovered the virus and became its namesake, Dr. Caedo, the military began funding research into producing a less fatal strain of the contagion that would nonetheless retain the unexpected side effect. The mutated Caedo Virus did indeed yield an unnatural ability to alter the genetic makeup, bestowing some with supernatural abilities. However, it remained just as deadly.

Under lock and key in a government facility, everyone thought they were safe. Until unparalleled natural disasters began striking all over the globe, killing millions. The situation only worsened when the Caedo Virus was ripped from its hiding place, slowly working its way across the country. The population has now been decimated and many unsuspecting people have powers they never thought possible. But not all survivors have the same ideas of how to best cope with the sudden loss of modern civilization.
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